Displacement: Barge Prototype
2014, as part of the Trans–Empire Canal Corportation

Displacement: Barge Prototype was the first phase of a 4-part project exhibited at the Burchfield Penney Art Center. It was both an art installation and an art gallery that explored the process of building a barge. Through an experimental curation format, it attempted to engage artists and audience to participate in aspects of curation generally hidden from view.

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About TECC

The Trans-Empire Canal Corporation is a collective comprised of artists, architects, and curators; Erika Abbondanzieri, Scott Bye, Brian Larson Clark, Olivier Delrieu-Schulze, A.J. Fries, Katherine Gaudy, Julian Montague, and Scott Propeack. Our main goal is to acquire a barge, convert it to an art space and sail it down the Erie Canal to Brooklyn, engaging the artists and people of New York State along the way.

Our Mission

TECCORP seeks to purpose art as a tool to create community and cultural connections across the Empire State.

TECCORP is focused on the geographic, economic, environmental, historical, and cultural resources the erie canal corridor provides New York State: from Buffalo to New York City.

TECCORP will connect New York State’s institutions, artists and audiences in a deliberate re-examination of the complex infrastructural role the Erie Canal offers our great state.

TECCORP will realize this mission through a series of exhibitions, performances, and dialogue concluding in a mobile gallery that will travel from Buffalo to New York City with multiple moorings in between.

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